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Beyond Mortal #1 PDF

Beyond Mortal #1 PDF

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BEYOND MORTAL #1 is a 64-page comic of cosmic horror and superheroics. Imagine the greatest heroes of the comic book realm--the equivalent of the Avengers or the Justice League--faced with the horrors of elder gods akin to the legendary Cthulhu Mythos. Comic book readers are familiar with the world of Bronze and Modern Era comics… stories of gleaming steel metropolises populated by daring superheroes battling for truth and justice… facing down power-mad masterminds and would-be world conquerors. But unknown to the league of heroes who protect the innocent, this world has a cancer growing at its heart. A pantheon of elder gods is starting to awaken. These timeless forces of supernature once claimed dominion over a primordial Earth… and they have returned to reclaim what is theirs. Super-powered heroes—and villains—find themselves struggling against unimaginable horror to save the planet. It is a hopeless battle. In BEYOND MORTAL--written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated and colored by Danny Luckert, and lettered by Simon Bowland--the superheroes (and villains) of a new comic book universe will collide with a new pantheon of alien deities from beyond our understanding of reality. The unstoppable force of the Leviathan will collide with the immovable object of the world's most powerful superheroes in an unflinching tale of ultimate horror and ultimate sacrifice. Superheroes versus elder gods. This is the PDF of BEYOND MORTAL #1. It will be delivered directly to your email inbox!


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