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Democritus Brand and the Endless Machine 1 - PDF

Democritus Brand and the Endless Machine 1 - PDF

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1861... an excavation in Egypt uncovers a most unusual mummy. The body is a fusion of preserved flesh and strange steam technology, like a steam-era cyborg... but the mummy is THOUSANDS of years old. This represents a vast, alien technology that came to Earth centuries ago. Could this be how the pyramids and the Sphinx were constructed? This discovery launches a neo-industrial revolution--a burgeoning age of steam and clockworks. From advanced locomotion and flying machines... to streamlined communication... to pneumatic servants and soldiers, the steam-driven technology was meant to make the lives of the Crown's citizens easier. But it spun out of control. It is now 1891. Endless expansion and progress has come at the cost of hope. As far as the eye can see, billowing smokestacks reach into a turbulent sky. The city has grown unchecked, and many citizens have never stepped outside of the seemingly endless, soot-covered metropolis they call home. The wealthy use pneumatics and alchemy to increase their lifespan. Some believe that the Queen herself is more machine than human. Wild steam-driven machines prowl the streets. Soldiers of clockwork and metal serve the Crown with brutal, merciless efficiency. Fusions of flesh and metal lurk in the shadows. Machines do the jobs once held by men and women. The citizens starve. They live in fear. And still the race for discovery continues! Facing the challenges, the discoveries, the threats, and the horrors of this world is Professor Democritus Brand, a dashing, clever, and danger-prone adventurer. He is accompanied by the Countessa, a beautiful and dangerous dilettante; Conroy, a cunning street urchin; Zylphia, a soldier of the Crown; and Number 12, a pneumatic manservant. They set out to solve a mystery that could very well unlock the secrets of the world and the cosmos--secrets that can shatter sanity! Steampunk. Adventure. Cosmic horror. This is the PDF of DEMOCRITUS BRAND AND THE ENDLESS MACHINE Issue 1. It will be delivered directly to your email inbox.


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